Southern Alliance

Southern Alliance is a group of teachers, students and enthusiasts who compete in various renewable energy events in Australia. Our teams are all about giving people an opportunity to compete in events when normally there is no avenue for participation.



New World Record

World Solar Cycle Challenge

Held annually in conjunction with WSC for solar vehicles finishing in Adelaide South Australia, our team won 1st prize in 1999 beating a field of 22 international competitors. A new world record was set in Class C2 (44.2 km/h over 1500 km)


Reflex Fairings by D & H Enterprises Pty Ltd.

Greenspeed and M.R.Components assisted students with their mechanical design and construction input.

Geelong West Cycle Club who formed the Riding Team

Chisholm Institute students assisting with the manufacture of engineering and composite components.

Monash University students who developed the mechanical, electrical and ventilation components as part of their degree studies.

Catholic Regional College Geelong

Dromana Secondary College

Belmont Secondary College

Flinders Christian Community College


RACV Energy Breakthrough

Held annually in Maryborough Victoria, our team won 1st prize in the 24 hour race HPV class 1998 and set a new Australian record of 750 km in 24 hours. Our team comprised of students and parents from five different schools - quite a logistical feat. (picture)


Bayer Solar and Advanced Technology Boat Race

solar boat sideview in action

Held annually in Canberra, ACT our team won 3rd prize in the International Open class 1999 with a no-budget boat. Our team was essentially a group of students from the Renewable Energy Technology course of Chisholm Institute of TAFE.

Thanks to Hank Bos Glass for the loan of the catamaran. Mercury Marine for the loan of the trolling motor, Aurora Solar Vehicle Association for the loan of their solar panels. Thanks to staff, students and teachers of various departments of Chisholm Institute for their great work and support.

The solar boat was featured at the 1999 Club Marine Melbourne Boat Show.


Australian International Pedal Prix

Held annually in Murray Bridge South Australia, our team won 1st prize in the 24 hour race Hybrid class 1998. We received awards for Best Presented Team and Fastest Lap. (picture)


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