excellence through competition


Designed by Don Elliott of D & H Enterprises Pty Ltd, who has had 25 years experience in the composites industry. Don is also a teacher of composites and practices what he preaches: be the best you possibly can.

REFLEX FAIRINGS are designed with care and attention, perfected with wind tunnel testing (Cd=0.12) and prototypes are punished relentlessly in 24 hour endurance and solar/hybrid events so you will get the best fairing available in the world. REFLEX FAIRINGS are commercially available to suit a wide range of recumbent trikes for everyday commuting as well as for racing.


Race Records

REFLEX 1000 (released 1996)

Best Design RACV Energy Breakthrough Event 1996

2nd - Sunrace 1997

2nd - RACV Energy Breakthrough 1997

1st - AIPP 1997

group photo Hybrid reflex 1000

1st - AIPP 1998, Reflex 1000 and Greenspeed Sports Tourer.


REFLEX 700 (released 1998)

action photo HPV reflex 700

1st - RACV Energy Breakthrough 1998, Reflex 700 and MR Components Swift.


REFLEX 850 (released 1999)

Reflex 850 crossing the finish line

1st - World Solar Cycle Challenge 1999, Reflex 850 and Greenspeed Sports Tourer.


World Solar Cycle Challenge

There were a number of reasons for us competing in the WSCC, but I think the most prominent vision is to prove the viability of solar cycles to the automotive industry and the general public and to support and extend the education of young Australians.

Solar cars are very similar to Formula 1 racing cars - they are mobile research and development laboratories, never themselves to be used for daily commuting. A perfect example is the Aurora 101 solar vehicle that won the World Solar Challenge 1999.

However, the solar cycle is essentially today's technology at an affordable cost for viable everyday transport. The average weight would be 50 - 60 kg, which would have a massive impact on reducing environmental pollution, reducing costs due to road congestion and maintenance, extending raw material reserves, reducing road trauma and stimulating general physical well-being of the population, to name a few.